(Why I made this website?)

I built FreeFoodCampus.com because I wanted to find FREE FOOD. Nothing more and nothing less. I noticed that unless I happened to be paying attention to the zillions of flyers hanging on the wall in every building on campus, I would miss valuable FREE FOOD offerings. Since I was a poor college student (as most of us are) this hurt both my feelings and wallet. As a result, I created a database to consolidate all the FREE FOOD offerings I saw on my way to class in an easy to use website. What I created (after much frustration with PHP and MYSQL database coding) was FreeFoodCampus.com. I know it is not the prettiest or the flashiest website (I hate flash) you have ever visited but hey it works, it's fast, it's east to use, and I made it my self.

Semi-Legal Statement

FreeFoodCampus.com is committed to providing a user friendly environment for clubs and organizations to post information about their upcoming events. We are dedicated to help increase awareness and attendance at student run social and professional functions. We do this by providing a searchable listing of food and events based by their geographical location. In exchange, these organizations get much needed exposure to a larger campus population while encouraging attendance with the promise of FREE FOOD. The goal of FreeFoodCampus.com is to consolidate all student events into a clear and easy-to-use format on the web.

Helpful Information